Is RV car suitable for house while living

Some people afford to buy a car, some people can also afford to buy house but there are also some people that are a combination of the two. They buy a house that is built-in in a car and that is called a motorhouse or an RV. RV can come in different types of sized from 8 foot to 12 foot RV and can come with different Classes. This type of vehicle is like a van but inside is an embedded house.


This type of vehicle is very suitable in a living. It also has the advantage that it can be used for transportation while you get the change to travel with your home. The only problem is if the country or city you have allows the use of it. Many people nowadays are using this as the type of their living is transferring at a constant change so having this type of car will allow you to have permanent home but not address.

The good thing about this type of living is you don’t need to think of city services and bills but you have to provided too for the gas. Now imagine that you are late waking up for preparing for your children. Actually you have the luxury to drive your children while your husband is driving in school. Not only did you spare the time you also have sent them to school safely. So the question is it really suitable for an RV to be a house? That is up to you to answer.