A rocky road to a family bond

I am a father of 2 beautiful kids. Me and my wife are madly in love with each other. However, we lost the love we used to have due to us having full time jobs. We raised our daughters with love and they too feel like we don’t have much time to them together. So Me and my wife thought of going out of town for a wonderful vacation together as a family.
My sister have her own RV Class A car so she lend me it for 2 weeks. We completed everything that we need like the clothes, food good for a month, emergency tool kits and extra cash just in case. We planned the route to go the distance and have a joy ride of a lifetime.

We took the road, to my surprise my 2 daughters took out pen and paper out of there bag and started drawing many stuff, looks like they got there artful skill from there mother which is by the way an architect. After a 3 hour drive we parked for a while to have some rest. We went for a short walk beside the forest and saw a lot of the beauty of nature with its flowers and streams so we got the opportunity to have a picture while taking a lot of selfies after it we went back on the road to our destination that is to have a camp near the streams of river. It was a luxury to have a RV car as we don’t need to prepare for a tent so we just spent our time preparing the food we eat and to play the game of cards. My daughters told us good stories and we have enjoyed more of our time together. After the night we went to the nearest city.

We went inside the parks, travel the city and learn many of the culture of the people. We also went to buy new clothes and souvenirs. We were able to have bonding together in a day knowing one city. We continued our journey the rest of the day, we did not have the problem of accommodation like hotels as the RV is enough for us.

Our journey continued to far more places and we met families too that are using RV as family bonding. We shared some barbecues together making new friends as well.  My 2 children also learned the value of traveling and family in this short journey.

I wish this will never end but we have to return to our jobs and responsibilities. So I promised them we will return traveling next year but this time we will have our own RV which help us a lot during traveling!


My Family and I

My wife and I bought our own RV for the use of traveling this year. It was our first time traveling to camp and spent at least a 2 days or more in the wilderness. When we reach our destination my children was so amazed with the nature that they took their phones to take picture with it. As time passes, my children had fallen asleep so is my wife but they have had comfortable places while they are sleeping much. It took us more than 15 hours on the road but when we reach our destination we were amazed with nature springs, trees and all that God has made.
We prepared our food while my children are just playing around the camp taking pictures, checking the norms stuff etc. During the dinner me and my wife Sabrina told stories and our kids like it. We also played during that time and it was fun.

After several days of camping, hiking and traveling it felt very easy because of the RV car that we use while traveling.
Definitely, We will return for for a 2nd time this fall!